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All about accounting!


Please read before you sign up!

1 Introduction

OmniClerk is a cloud-based platform for freelance bookkeepers and accountants from around the world to connect with the clients who visit this website and sign up for our services. OmniClerk is completely dedicated to accounting and bookkeeping. We have skilled bookkeepers and accountants joined this website to showcase their profile to their potential clients through this platform.
OmniClerk does not hire bookkeepers as its employees. They join this platform for free to showcase their profile to website visitors and get connected to them to sell their services that the client needs. OmniClerk brings clients and bookkeepers together from anywhere in the world. Clients get bookkeeping and accounting services they need and freelance bookkeepers and accountants get their share from the revenue generated by its customers' payments. The share is mutually decided between the freelancers and OmniClerk during the signup process.

Our goal is to provide work from home job opportunities to skilled accountants and bookkeepers irrespective of their physical location in the world, provide cost-effective accounting and bookkeeping services to individuals and businesses, enhancing the reliability and user-friendliness of this platform, and make some lives easy.

2 Terms

Please go through the set of terms taken as a mutual agreement between the users of this website or this platform and OmniClerk.

2.1 Site visitors
OmniClerk has some areas of this website accessible to every site member and a few areas only accessible to registered site members. Further, there are also some areas on the website that are available only to premium customers. As a non-registered site member, you may not be able to access the complete website.

2.2 Site members

To become a site member you can use your social identity providers like Google and Facebook as per the options provided by the website or you can choose to create the account using your email address and a secret password. Anybody at OmniClerk, or any device or any system deployed to run the platform does not have any access to those credentials. your personal and secret information is secured. As a site member, you may receive some periodic system generated alerts and notifications, or messages sent by OmniClerk team on the channels that you have allowed OmniClerk to use, like your email, your social links or other contact information that you might have provided during or after the signup process. You will always have an option to opt-out or unsubscribe from such communications.

2.3 Premium Clients

There are premium services and features at the OmniClerk website for its customers. You will be able to use them after signing up for them and the availability may be revoked when you cancel or OmniClerk terminates such facilities on your requests or any unforeseen situation that might not be in the best interest of our users, our team or anybody concerned. What you get in any of these premium services will be clearly described at the time enrollment to these services. That content might change at a later stage but does not affect your existing enrollment. Such as price, features, availability, etc., may change for any of the services or products offered at OmniClerk.

2.4 Freelance service providers

OmniClerk is a platform for skilled bookkeepers and accountants from around the world. Our mission is to generate endless work from home job opportunities for people who deserve it. We urge all our freelancers to use it responsibly and contribute your membership in a way where it benefits you, your clients and OmniClerk as a platform for all of us. Once you sign up and submit your profile, OmniClerk does its best to showcase it in the best possible manner to approach as many as possible potential clients. Most of the time it is done using a paid marketing system and that not only costs money but also a lot of effort. But what compensates for it, is the presence of skilled and trusted freelancers delivering what they are expected to. That brings a great level of satisfaction and happiness to our clients, us and of course you as well! We highly appreciate your presence and ownership at OmniClerk.

3 Refund and Cancellation Policy

OmniClerk users may cancel the services or products they purchased with no questions asked. OmniClerk may approach the clients to get optional feedback for the reason for their cancellation to improve its services to other clients or retain the same client by improvising at the right time. The refund for the amount they paid to purchase any product or service may not be issued for the period they paid for, however, OmniClerk will immediately stop any recurring charges for the future. For example, OmniClerk has various monthly subscription-based services and products and a client purchases one. The client sets up monthly billing by providing financial details. The monthly recurring charge by OmniClerk starts. After a few months, the client cancels the subscription during a particular month. OmniClerk will put a stop on any further billing from next month onward but may not refund for the current month even if it is the first day of that month. The reason behind that is, OmniClerk being a cloud-based platform has to comply with its vendor obligations by paying them in advance to buy the resources and then making them available for its customers. So we have to pay first and then collect from our customers to make the services available. When a recurring charge is billed to our customers we have already paid our vendor to make that particular service available. OmniClerk requests its customers to notify before the billing to cancel any service or product. Once billed, it may already be too late. We have done our best to make it easy for our customers to get in touch with us for any such cancellations. Channels like email, chat, calls, social links are always available to our customers. We highly recommend our clients to report any situations wherein support team did not respond with the turn around the time leading to any dissatisfaction to our clients. Please note, there might be situations where you need support from your bookkeeper or the accountant instead of the OmniClerk support team.

4 Our limitations

We do not hire. We are not employers. The services you get from OmniClerk are offered by independent freelancers and professionals We highly recommend you to check the profile skill set of the service provider before you subscribe to their services. We do our best to make sure that you get the best possible services at OmniClerk. In case of any disagreement, dispute, or any issues with the service providers, feel free to reach us using any of the available communication channels.

Thank you for your interest in OmniClerk. We appreciate your time.

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