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Open Projects
for accounting experts at OmniClerk

Open Projects

Apply for accounting projects

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How does it work?


When potential clients post their accounting requirements, we publish them under Open Projects while we seek applications from our experts like you.


We collect applications for a few hours to a few days depending upon the project requirement and urgency. After that, the project is removed from Open Projects.


We process the applications to find the best suitable OmniClerk expert and solutions for the project. This is not a "finding the best bid" process. This is about offering the best possible solutions with the best possible pricing.


Based upon the best suitable applications for the project, we send a price quote to the client. It usually takes 24-48 hours starting step 1 to this point. Upon approval of the price quote, the agreement is signed, and the project is assigned to that OmniClerk expert.

Apply in 3 simple steps

Apply for an open project in three simple steps

Step 1

To apply for Open Projects at OmniClerk, you must be a freelance accounting expert registered with OmniClerk.


Haven't registered yet? Please click here to submit your profile and get started.

Please ensure you are logged in as an OmniClerk Accountant using the login button below.

OmniClerk Accountant

Your email address

You must be able to see your OmniClerk Accountant Profile Picture and your registered email address correctly before you are ready to apply for this project.

Please note that the email address you use to log in to this website may be different from the email address you may have for notifications in your OmniClerk Accountant Profile.


To make any changes to your profile, please click here .

Step 2
Choose an Open Project

Please select one of the Open Projects IDs from the dropdown for the project you are applying for.

You can apply for one project at a time and you can apply only once for that project.

The Project IDs for the Open Projects are mentioned in the "Project Details" column for each Open Project.

For example, the Project ID for the Open Project currently displayed on this page is:


Scroll through more Open Projects by clicking the numbers on the pagination bar on the top.

What if you don't see that Project ID in the dropdown?

There may be a few possible reasons for not having a Project ID available in the dropdown. The most common reasons are:

  • You may not be registered as an OmniClerk Accountant.

  • You may not be currently logged in.

  • Even if you are logged in, you may not be using the correct login credentials.

  • You might have already applied for the project.

  • There may not be any available Open Projects to apply.


You may contact us for assistance if you think that there might be any other technical issue. You can reach us by using the chatbox on this page or by sending an email to

Step 3
Enter the details and submit

Please let us why you will be a good fit for this particular project?

Please tell us what you currently do? Which accounting skills you proudly possess? Do you have any licenses or certifications that may be helpful in this project? How much time you can devote to this task? And anything else you think we should know.

Please set your pricing for the task you are going to do if this project gets assigned to you.

For one-time projects, mention the total amount in USD that you expect for the whole project.

For recurring projects, please mention the amount in USD that you expect at the end of each cycle. For example, for projects with monthly recurring frequency, please mention the amount you would expect at the end of each month.

*Please enter only numeric values. No "$" signs or decimals, please.

Please confirm the email address that you have in your accountant profile with us. Let's not miss any updates about your application.

And then hit the "Submit my application" button below.

An error occurred. Check for any fields highlighted in RED and try again.

Contact us using the chatbox on this page if the problem persists

Thank you!

Your application has been successfully submitted.

Please do not reapply for the same project again.

You will be notified only if your application gets shortlisted.

Keep showing us your interest in Open Projects.

We wish you all the best!

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