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All about accounting!

Books Clean-up and Catch-up

Please don't be worried if your recordkeeping has fallen behind for months or even years. Or if you see a long trail of erroneous transactions needs a clean-up. OmniClerk can certainly help. Here is how we had been doing it for our clients for years now:

Step 1 - Evaluation

It is impossible to pre-estimate the amount of work required to accomplish the goal of getting books right and current. Almost every situation is unique. That is why we take a close look at your books to accurately evaluate the amount of work required to be done before making any commitment.

If you use QuickBooks Online: In order for us to be able to accurately evaluate the amount of work we may need accountant access to your QuickBooks Online Company file. You can do it by following these simple steps to invite us as the accountant and take a look:


Invite us as an accountant​ in QuickBooks Online

1. Go to Settings ⚙ and select Manage Users.

2. Select Accounting firms.

3. Select Invite.
4. Complete the required fields.

5. Please use as our Email address, and select Save.

For any further assistance on these instructions, please visit this link to the Intuit website.

Of course, you can get in touch with us if you need us to help using any available mode of communication in OmniClerk Connect.

If you use QuickBooks Desktop or any other accounting platform: Please get in touch with us as we can together choose from the best possible options we have for different accounting platforms. Use WhatsApp, Slack, Skype, Facebook messenger, etc. to communicate with us using OmniClerk Connect.

Step 2 - Price Quote

Once we are done evaluating the work, we will send you a price quote along with a copy of the work agreement. This work agreement includes the timeframe we require, the cost of the work, and the rest of the terms which includes your expectations from us and how we plan to deliver that. Upon successful acceptance of the quote and signing on the work agreement, we start.

Curious about how the work agreement at OmniClerk looks like?

Please take a look at a sample agreement that we set up before starting any work just for better understanding and confidence for all parties including you as a client, our freelance accountants, and us. View a sample agreement in the browser, or download a PDF version.

Our commitment to timely delivery of quality work

The beauty and the actual strength of the OmniClerk platform is the presence of amazing experts from all around the world, majorly from the United States, who have proven their skills numerous times.

Please click any of the pictures to read more about them. We are proud of our experts!

  • Each freelance accountant working on your file verifies his or her identity by submitting internationally accepted identification proofs.

  • At OmniClerk for US citizens offering their freelance services, any government-issued ID is accepted. For experts from any country other than the United States, a copy self-signed passport is collected before they connect with your books of accounts.

  • Yes, this identification proof is shared with you with the consent from any freelancer deployed to your work.

  • At any point in time when you, or even we feel that it is important to get the work done at a shortened deadline, or somehow you get some additional work added to an ongoing project, we have the expertise backing us up all the time.

  • We are always in the capacity to immediately seek contribution from one or more experts already registered with us and standing by.

This is why you can rely on us!

The price

We promise value for your hard-earned money. The prices we offer for our services are very competitive. Also, we offer free consultation via OmniClerk Connect. You can discuss your business requirements and one of our experts will be happy to answer your questions.

1. Evaluation

Get your books diagnosed and find out what needs to be done. We can take a close look at your books once we get access granted and then submit a detailed report within 2 business days which includes the accurate evaluation of the amount of work that needs to be done along with the work agreement and the price quote.

$50 USD per company file

FREE If you got a valid promotional coupon from us!

2. Clean-up & catch-up

Upon acceptance of the quote, signing the work agreement, and successful payment we will start and complete the task within the deadline ensuring quality of work up to your expectations.

As per the price quote

3. Monthly bookkeeping

Optional. We are almost sure that once we finish the step 2, you will happy enough to give us the opportunity to take care of your books on a monthly subscription basis. This subscription starts from $100 USD per month.

As per the price quote, starting $100 per month

Submit your order for the evaluation

You will not be charged for this. We will send you a price quote first.

Which accounting platform you use?

If you have already made a payment, please enter your receipt number. Or enter a valid promotional coupon you might have received from OmniClerk within the last 30 days.

Thank you for submitting your order. We appreciate your business.

We have successfully received it and we will get back to you within the next 24-48 hours.

Feel free to get in touch with us in case of any further questions.

Thank you!

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Please contact us in case if the problem persists.

For the best ways to connect with us, visit the "OmniClerk Connect" page from the "About" menu on the top.

Thank you!

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